About Wandel International

Wandel International is the Flagship Company of the Simba Group, operating in Nigeria since 1988. The company is home to some of Nigeria’s best loved brands, and leaders in their respective industries:

We are the sole distributors of TVS motorcycles and three wheelers (tricycles) from TVS Motors, India. The brand has come to be recognised as the leading player in the emerging three-wheeler industry and a driver of innovation in the more mature motorcycle industry

About TVS

TVS Motor Company is a multinational motorcycle company headquartered at Chennai, India. It is the third largest motorcycle company in India with annual sales of 3 million units and an annual capacity of over 4 million vehicles. TVS Motor Company is also the 2nd largest exporter of motorcycles and tricycles in India with exports to over 60 Countries.


Annual capacity
over 4 Million Vehicles


Million Units
Sold annually


Second largest exporter of motorcyles and tricycles in india

Our Products

TVS Tricycles

Wandel International assembles, markets, distributes and services the TVS King, a three-wheeler vehicle (tricycle) that is manufactured by the TVS Motors Company. Wandel International has an extensive network of service centres nationwide, which support the industry-leading vehicle in Nigeria.

TVS King has made waves across the industry, and is a result of years of innovation, with every feature outperforming global industry incumbents. TVS King benefits the rider (in terms of functionality and maintenance), the owner (in terms of returns and efficiency) as well as the passenger (in terms of comfort and safety). At the heart of our offering is a commitment to quality and service, and the tremendous success of the vehicle in Nigeria is indeed a testament to that. A key part of achieving this is through our training of thousands of mechanics and engineers based in every part of the country.

TVS Motorcycles

Wandel International is a leading player in the motorcycle industry in Nigeria. Over the last two decades, we have represented leading global manufacturers to market and service their vehicles across the country. Today, we exclusively partner with the TVS Motors Company to assemble, market, distribute and provide service for their range of motorcycles. Our partnership with TVS dates back to 2006, and extends to motorcycles as well as three wheelers. TVS Motors is the second largest two-wheeler export manufacturer from India and one among the top ten in the world.

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